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A hybrid Dance Program by
Kami Liddle



Krysalis is a new dance program crafted by Kami Liddle. This innovative new program launched late summer 2018. The objective of the overall program is to help dancers develop and refine their knowledge base and to experience and elevate the dancer through four individual courses. The intention is not to teach dancers to dance a particular way, but rather, to nurture the path of each dancer and give them the tools to create their own authentic movement.​

Krysalis consists of four courses:
Invocation: Foundation of Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance Technique 
Expansion: Professional Performance Intensive 
Conception: Choreography Creation Lab
Elevation*: Advanced Technique 
*Courses can be taken individually and in no particular order except for Elevation which requires certification of Invocation before enrolling.



Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance 

What is contemporary fusion belly dance? Kami refers to this style as fusing present-day belly dance genres with contemporary dance. Contemporary fusion belly dance combines strong leg and foot work with fluidity in the spine and precision in the torso. It emphasizes strength and flexibility, rhythmic and musical phrasing, and most importantly, self-expression.

Duet in Moscow with Tjarda Van Straten _

Invocation is a fantastic intensive that offers an introduction to modern western dance in combination with bellydance. I've always been intimidated by modern dance and this intensive provided a great environment to learn about modern dance and how it can be fused with bellydance. It is helping me reach my next goals in dance. Kami is a WONDERFUL and knowledgeable instructor! She provides personal feedback in a considerate manner which makes her very accessible and helps you challenge yourself.  I would recommend this intensive to anyone looking to incorporate new skills into their dance.​

- Eryn Braida

Kami is a star instructor and artist! Every time I study with her I feel inspired and lit up with all the new information. I love Kamis way of breaking down the material and structuring the class. It makes learning and exploring a fun and fulfilling, yet challenging experience.
I took invocation and expansion so far.
Invocation is a combination of belly dance and contemporary techniques and moves. These styles meet, fuse and merge into something beautiful and new and culminate in a short choreography. You get an excellent study guide, where all the material is documented and broken down for later reference and indepth study. Dope!
Expansion is a whole different journey. You meet this group of people on day one and you know that five days later you all will present a piece of art together in a professional show... Plunge right in, soak it all up. Get your ego out of the way and enjoy the ride! Prepare to work hard. Prepare to face yourself. Prepare to grow. Make art.

- Anji Dans

Krysalis has been such an inspiring and enriching experience this year that I cannot wait to repeat Invocation next year in April in St. Gallen (Switzerland). Personally, this was the fusion dance program I was waiting for. And all my expectations were absolutely met: I discovered many tools from yoga and other disciplines I can incorporate in my dancing and, of course, this has opened a door for a new level of my technique and has inspired me to keep on working hard on this aspect of my dance. Moreover, thank Krysalis I am getting away from movement patterns/techniques that do not feel good in my body since I want to stay healthy and I want my dance to be more organic. All in all, I can recommend this program to any dancer from any oriental dance style who is looking for new ways to explore without losing the root of the oriental dances. Krysalis will definetely take you to a different level of quality and awareness.

Latifah Abdel

The Invocation course (part 1/2 of Kami's contemporary fusion technique) will offer you very strong Contemporary bases. You'll go through history, anatomy, different warm up approaches and of course, combos, isolations and Kami's signature moves that mix her years of studying different genres.

I would recommend this program for any bellydancer (or non-contemporary dancer) that is looking for more organic, fluid an expressive ways to approach their dance!

Plus, I consider Kami to be a very passionate and dedicated teacher, and will give you constructive, specific and detailed feedback for you to work on. If you apply it and make corrections, you'll definately feel results at the end of the intensive... and leave with a lot of homework as well!

- Daniela Brenes


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