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12 hour Beginning Technique Level Workshop

This course is offered as a preparation for Invocation, the first level technique course of Krysalis Dance. I have designed this on-line course to help prepare dancers who are planning on attending Invocation, those who are looking for strong foundation for their dance and/or those looking for technique and review.

Dates: 4 consecutive Sundays 9am to 12pm PST (UTC -7) via Zoom

May 3rd 9am to 12pm PST

May 10th 9am to 12pm PST

May 17th 9am to 12pm PST

May 24th 9am to 12pm PST

Students will have access to the class recordings in case they aren't able to attend each date.

Registration will be limited so that I can have the opportunity to watch each dancer and give feedback. This is not a certification program. Invocation is a certification program and is currently scheduled for July 20th - 14th 2020 in San Francisco, CA.